Meet Bjoern

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Bjoern Lanwer

the man with the magic palate

Bjoern Lanwer is full of surprises, the biggest of which is his exquisite taste. He’s a young man, but he has the refined palette of a person who has been selecting and blending wines for decades. His wines enjoy excellent scores from the experts and provide great enjoyment for his followers.. Bjoern not only blends great wine, but also selects wine to be enjoyed by all. His selections are subtle, rich, and affordable. Bjoern’s mission is simple – to share his wine discoveries with the people.

Bjoern is originally from Germany, and has close ties to European vineyards, especially in the French Rhone and Roussillon regions. He travels there frequently to sample and blend. He mixes, combines, samples and tastes, until his blend is exactly to his liking. The art of blending wine takes time, just like the art of growing the grapes and fermenting them; good things are worth the wait.

He also lends his palette to the selection of wine for his growing portfolio. All of his selections meet the same requirement as if for his own blend. So when you see that a wine is a Bjoern Lanwer Selection, you will have confidence in its fit for your palette, too.

People generally buy wine for three different reasons: 1) an expert or friend has told them that it is good, 2) the wine is affordable, and 3) the label is compelling in some way. These three criteria consistently guide Bjoern’s blends and selections. The experts continue to give high marks to each of the wines, with scores ranging from 88 to 96, and most are focused on the market for those looking for affordable wine. Bjoern consistently places 90+ rated wine in the ‘less than $20’ market! And Bjoern’s unique partnership with Charleston, SC, artist Kevin LePrince assures an interesting and pleasing shelf and table presentation. Seeing is believing, so please take a look at what the experts are saying, and taste one for yourself.

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