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Bjoern Lanwer-

the man with the magic palate

Bjoern Lanwer is full of surprises, the biggest of which is his exquisite taste. He’s a young man, but he has the refined palette of a person who has been selecting and blending wines for decades. His wines enjoy excellent scores from the experts and provide great enjoyment for his followers.. Bjoern not only blends great wine, but also selects wine to be enjoyed by all. His selections are subtle, rich, and affordable. Bjoern’s mission is simple – to share his wine discoveries with the people.

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French Corner

In the French Corner, we blog about the French lifestyle. There is a focus on food and wine but other topics will be discussed as well.

Sommelier’s Corner

In the Sommelier’s Corner, we blog about everything related to experiencing food and wine. This includes videos with sommeliers, info on food pairings and much more.

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